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Cathrina Susoev, owner of Cat-Hawk Gardens, is a plant designer based in Petaluma, California specializing in Kokedama string gardens. She is endearingly known as the Kokedama Mama. Cathrina teaches workshops on how to make these wonderful creations.

Cat-Hawk Gardens offers gifts, gardens, and playful gardening workshops that focus on beautiful, drought tolerant plants for inside and outside your home or office.

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My Story

Welcome!  I chose the name Cat-Hawk Gardens for my love of being in my garden, connecting with my cats and the red tailed hawks that frequently fly over us.

I am fond of nature and have been gardening since I was a young child.


Following my passion, I received a degree in Natural Science. While going to school, working/teaching and raising two children I would find myself going to the garden for solitude and reflection. As a creative hobby, I started to make succulent gardens, Kokedama string gardens, grow veggies for my family and friends and enjoyed every minute of it! This passion has grown into Cat-Hawk Gardens.


Now I am sharing these spiritual and earthly gifts with the community of Sonoma County where my family and I live. I am offering handmade nature-inspired gifts, one of a kind gardens and gardening workshops that focus on beautiful drought tolerant plants. I also share with the community by donating a percentage of purchases each year to the School Garden Network of Sonoma County which helps fund our school gardens. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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