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Care Instructions

One of the reasons I love to teach people how to make Kokedama string gardens is that caring for them is easy for even the most novice gardener.  I include instructions for care with every Kokedama made in my workshops and those that are displayed at all my storefront show rooms. 

See below for basic care instructions for your Kokedama, please note instructions may vary based on the type of plant  used for each Kokedama. 

1. Hang your kokedama in bright, indirect light.

2. To water, submerge your Kokedama in a bucket or bowl of water weekly.

3. Let it drip excess water and return it to its post.

That's it! Easy Right?

Of course some of the care instructions change based on the type of plants you choose to incorporate in your work of art. However, at Cat-Hawk Gardens we always encourage participants to use drought tolerant succulents or ferns.

If you have any questions about caring for a plant you made in one of my workshops or purchased from me, feel free to email me anytime by clicking here.

See you in the garden!

Cathrina Susoev

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